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Water Resources

From our hundreds of rivers, lakes and wetlands to our thousands of miles of coastal shoreline, we are fortunate in America to enjoy an abundance of water resources. As a nation, we value these resources for their natural beauty; for the many ways they help meet human needs; and for the fact that they provide habitat for thousands of species of plants, fish and wildlife.

The Corps is proud to have the responsibility of helping to care for these important aquatic resources. Through its Civil Works program the Corps carries out a wide array of projects that provide:

One of the biggest challenges the Corps and other government agencies face is finding the right balance among the often conflicting concerns our society has related to our water resources. We want these resources to help fuel economic growth (navigation, hydropower). We want them to provide social benefits (recreation). And finally we want to be sure that they are available for future generations (environmental protection and restoration).

The Corps seeks to achieve the best possible balance among these competing demands through an integrated approach to water resources management that focuses on regional solutions, involving an array of stakeholders (i.e. other government agencies, environmental groups, businesses and private organizations). In recent years, we have implemented this approach largely by concentrating on watersheds. More information about this approach is available in the Civil Works Strategic Plan (pdf 2.46 MB).

For more information read our Civil Works Program Brochure (pdf, 3.90 MB) (printable version) or browse other sections of this site.'

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