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Water Supply NATIONAL LEVEL Report

Water Supply 2014
US Army Corps of Engineers — Value to the Nation

Water is a necessity to human life. Many USACE projects play an integral part in fulfilling and sustaining this daily need. The following are facts related to USACE’s role of helping to manage the water supply in the United States.

Water Supply Description

Storage Space (acre-feet)


Under Contract


Not Under Contract






Project Yield (mgd)   (mgd: million gallons per day)  

     Project Yield for  Storage Under Contract (mgd)

6,482.72 mgd      

     Total Project Yield (mgd)

6,835.67 mgd      


Economic Data

NED Benefit Estimate: $7,287,870,861

Benefits in Perspective

The primary benefit of USACE water supply projects is that they provide the ability to store large amounts of water.

NED benefit estimate is the net value of goods and services produced on a national level by water supply projects.

USACE water supply projects generate approximately $23 of benefits for every $1 spent.

How these numbers were calculated.

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